our story

our story

Hello my name is Marquita Carter and I am the owner of Philly Traveling Braider and TRINITY Haircare! The company was started in 2017 because I was a mother of 3 and I wanted to be able to have more time with my children. So, I resigned from my job of nine years to claim my time. I have been doing hair ever since I was 8 years old, the talent has been very good to me! It came from my mother who worked a regular job and then came home to do hair in her living room every day. At 14, I branched out and started braiding the boys in my neighborhood and moved on to do women hair! I love this talent; I love my business and most importantly I love my clients who are in different walks of life. It is amazing to see that this service allows them to gain some of their time back as well. Clients can still be comfortable in their homes; they can still work and if they choose, relax in a space that is familiar and comfortable to them! At PTB we offer an amazing mobile natural hair care service for our clients! Our services come with supplies provided and our handmade products are used on our clients as well. Once you book your service on the booking tab, a stylist will report to the address listed at the appointment time. Hair is washed with TRINITY Hair Care line of products and oiled with TRINITY handmade oil. Hair is also provided for service if needed and will be included in the price. If you like human hair, price will be provided for that as well.


Hey Marquita, thank you so much for recommending the Emu Oil. My scalp feels so much better. Nothing else I used ever gave me so much relief from the itching and burning. Thank you again.

Emillie H.